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Entertainment + Intellectual Property Attorney


Fighting for artists since 2010.

Located in Los Angeles, Icarus Law represents clients from a diverse array of creative fields. We specialize in music, podcasts, film, TV and intellectual property law. We have a unique combination of practical, on the ground experience and high level legal and business knowledge. Our job is to do everything we can to make your dreams come true.

Mr. Larr has been practicing law for almost a decade, focusing entirely on Entertainment and Intellectual Property Law. His love of entertainment and technology means he is up to date on current trends across both those industries, focusing especially on where they intersect.

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Areas of Practice


Passion for music is our lifeblood. We know how important music is to the world and we do everything we can so that as many people as possible can hear what our clients have to say.


We realize that each area of entertainment has it's own set of standards that must be adhered to. Our experience in each of these areas will help guide you through these potential minefields.

Technology and new Media

We understand that technology and entertainment are inseparable. Technology has completely changed the entertainment landscape. We show our clients how to take advantage of these advances to further their careers.